Sunday, January 30, 2011

When Two Road Diverged

Everytime and everywhere,
we will always come to an end,
but its not the end of life,
its not the end of hope,
but it is the gateway for a brighter or dull life...

When we come to the end,
we are bounded by many choices,
some of the road may bring tremendous success,
and it's also possible to lead us toward deterioration...

In any second or minutes,
all the roads will open the door,
and its the time for us to choose the correct ways,
time cannot be retrace,
although we are hoping to explore all the road,
but believe me,
there is only one road for us,
and this road will lead us to another road,

This cycle will continue until the doomsday,
this cycle will make who we are today...
for everything we did,
for everything that happen,
it's our own choice...
never blame other person....

                          originally made by :
                          Mohd Safwan Rosli


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