Monday, January 31, 2011

We Are Travellers

We are always travellers,
Whether we realised or not,
Stay on a journey,
Looking for a new signs of life..

We are always travellers,
Try to travel to different places,
Try to explore the world on the other side,
And try to change the world as we want it to be...

We are always travellers,
Which mean we will be in a place in short period of time,
Which mean we need to grab the opportunity,
Which mean its the time for a preparation,
For a true life in the next days....

                                                        originally made by :
                                                        Mohd Safwan Rosli


suri akmar said...

nice! aku tataw plak ko tulis sajak. uit! but watch out, org boleh copy anda paste ko punye karya ni. so, be careful. ayah aku selalu ckp cmtu. ayah aku pun wat sajak gak. hehe. follow aku jugak naaa! please? hehe

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